We are focused on digital production: we implement IT projects and automate business processes for companies

We are a professional team, specializing in fintech market solutions. We have accomplished dozens of platform solutions based on Opensource technologies, like Java, Python, Go, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Cloudera, Camunda, etc.

Give you a team and implement:

Delivering results

We have already been entrusted with projects by Daimler AG (Mercedes), MICHELIN, Sberbank, X5 Retail Group, Mail.ru Group, Rostelecom and other companies. We offer clients significant technical expertise, streamlined processes, a high level of competence and We are responsible for quality results.


qualified specialists


specialists available


years of experience

We are trusted by


Andrey Ryzhkin


We have been friends with Pfactory for more than 5 years. These are cool guys who write quality code. Implemented with lots of complex projects. Pfactory is a rare team that we can trust with the most complex projects.

Nikolay Bobrov


We have been working with them for two years. Pros who know how to get the most out of PHP. One of the best outsourcing companies for Yii projects. Well, and the prices are quite reasonable.

Daniil Stepanov

Action Digital

We received constant feedback on the progress of the project, received weekly reports and independently reviewed the BugTracker. Full transparency, implementation on time and taking into account all the requirements — everything suited us great.

Mikhail Sherbakov

Первая Грузовая Компания

The interaction and communication worked great and our collaboration was productive. We have always been able to rely on excellent communication and fast decision making.

Ekaterina Zimina


Working with the Pfactory team was a real pleasure. It was easy to discuss different approaches, technical solutions, best ways to collaborate, or product decisions from a user perspective.

Artem Kolobov

Inventive Retail Group

Their Scrum teams were more of an extension of our own team than an external organization. The company does not impose patterns, instead it focuses on improving the quality of the client's processes.

Juriy Osipov

X5 Group

The Pfactory team impressed us with the most individual approach to our project and a lot of interesting suggestions, as well as the ability to take into account almost all aspects of the project.

Ilya Lavrentiev


We got the feeling that our goals are common and that we are all working together towards common achievements. I like their commitment to innovation and corporate spirit. The guys are responsive, ready to help and ready to listen.

Timur Sitnikov


The project works great, despite the fact that there are thousands of users. In cooperation with Pfactory, we like that the team is friendly, reliable and sociable.

Marina Kharitonova


Pfactory is a great development partner and a pleasure to work with. Not only do they have excellent software development skills, but they also back them up with knowledge of applying Agile SCRUM to the development process.

We want you to be confident in the final result, so we dive into each project and industry.

Our areas of expertise

Consulting and outsourcing

Teams with project management by our experts.

IT-teams and specialists

Selection of specialists with specific knowledge for your industries.

UX Design Services

Designing a user-friendly and convenient-to-use products

Development and integration

API development and integration into your projects. Turnkey development.

Improvement of Business Efficiency

Synchronization of projects with the company's business strategy.

Testing and maintenance

Possibility of manual, auto- and load testing.


We work both under Fix Price and T&M contracts

We try to do it within 1 week. We also regularly collect feedback in order to avoid mistakes in communication and implementation.

Yes, many of our employees work remotely, so they can join any of your projects

Despite the austaf sale model, we still attach a supervising project manager from our side. For the customer, this does not incur additional costs, however, this level of presence allows you to resolve moments of resource planning, feedback on individual team members and their performance. But also for our specialists, this means not to be left behind on the project.

Our teams of 130 people in total are fully staffed from product visual design and analytics to development team leaders and application service architects. We can both strengthen your team and assemble your personal IT department

According to the specifics of the request, we select specialists in our teams who have already been on similar projects. This allows you to quickly dive into the specifics.

Our teams are trained to use well-established solutions already written and widely used in the IT Community: Camunda BPM, Keycloak authorization, Gravitee API Gateway, GraphQL, etc.

On the one hand, we do not make our customer dependent on the choice of our company, since the most accessible languages and frameworks on the market are selected, on the other hand, we do not make it dependent on the licenses of the software sold, as we use exclusively Opensource technologies and all developed IP belongs only to the customer.

Businesses often need to quickly and inexpensively test a hypothesis in a short time and without a large investment in the product. In this case, we will be able to offer an MVP version of the product with an emphasis on the visual part and not be burdened with technological functions.

Often our projects represent interaction with the business side, for example when there are no IT teams. In this combination, we have a dedicated project manager interacting with the product owner from the customer's business. In this case, we are responsible for the layout of the team and the result, as well as helping the customer in the design of his tasks or ideas.