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We are focused on digital production: we implement IT projects and automate business processes for companies.

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Implement different technologies, make adaptation to your processes and systems. We do all modernizations teamwise.

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Choose an industry
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We implement different technologies and adapt your processes and systems. We do all modernisations together.


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Python (Django / Flask / Falcon)5
Bitrix 243
PHP (Yii/ Laravel / Symfony)1

We work with industries and understand their needs. Pfactory is a team of experts with applied experience and an internal, developed mentoring system.

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Several hundredes of students have already taken our courses and certifications. We always have a place for talented interns who will grow up on internal projects and join us as a member of a commercial project teams.

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Your experience is absolutely not important, aa we focus on people who really want to develop with the company, who are ready to spend a lot of time on studying, independently seek solutions to complex problems and working under the guidance of strong mentors.

Internship on real projects

After completing the course and all of the tasks, you will have an internship on real projects of the company.

Those who show themselves well during an internship we will accept in our team.

  • 24.02Bitrix course 2.0
  • 23.06Python Basics
  • August 2022Java Basics
  • July 2022React from Scratch

Those who show themselves well during an internship we will accept in our team.

Bitrix course 2.0

Duration: 1

You will get an objective understanding of the structure of Bitrix, the possibilities of storing, displaying and processing information.

Course content

  • Lecture 1. Introduction

    Bitrix presentation. Bitrix deployment on a local server. We will show the basic capabilities of Bitrix. Folder structure and display customization (let's create our own template). Connecting and using composer in the context of Bitrix + migration.

  • Lecture 2. Components

    Create your own component. Folder structure, standard names of files and class methods. Talk about grids. Create a template with the ability to display data in them.

  • Lecture 3. ORM, psr-4 и Ajax

    Discuss what is ORM. Create a table and describe the class. Talk about psr-4. With its use, we will connect the ORM and use it. Let's write a new component to display data from ORMs (grids, etc.) A template for editing, adding new records. Let's talk about Ajax on the components.

  • Lecture 4. Modules

    Modules. Structure, standards for naming files and methods. Create your own module uniting all previous lectures in one. Talk about the Bitrix event model.

Working with us

Working with us, you can choose the most interesting projects. You can work in manufacturing and then in a bank without changing companies. We have Russian and Western projects, and most importantly, a minimum of legacy code.

It is easy to work with us, as we are